I specialise in the strategy and implementation of activities relating to attraction, retention and engagement in organisations.

I have provided the qualitative and quantitative research and analysis to inform the strategic HR programmes of major private and public sector organisations including Mars, P+O, Wrigley, Airbus, Shell, Barclays, Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, several London Boroughs and other national government functions.

My research informs programmes relating to employer brand, graduate and mid-career attraction, employee engagement, employer value proposition and external perception amongst other things.

I work with many of the most successful HR communications agencies; have internal recruitment experience with Nestlé and am contracted to handle the attraction, retention and engagement for docnet.nu where I practise what I preach, ensuring it remains the employer of choice in a highly competitive local talent market.

I have a history in executive search and occasionally help out on senior assignments.

My passion for understanding great businesses was sparked by working at the wonderful Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate as a student. This was accompanied by a BA in Behaviour in Organisations at Lancaster University and continued through lifelong academic and on the job learning.

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Tel +44 7740 190 565

accite is an old English verb meaning to summon or deliver

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