Total attraction

Total Attraction.

What is it?

Total Attraction is how you manage all of the elements of your organisation to recruit, retain and engage the best talent for your business. It is how you become an employer of choice when strong competitors need the same people.

It is based on the belief that we are going to see a polarisation of the labour market. High calibre individuals with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and other specialist backgrounds face a plethora of opportunities, as the best organisations compete for their skills.  It is imperative that both large and small organisations strive to be the best employers they can be, and should not be afraid to shout about it either.

Total Attraction means the organisations competing for the most in demand workers need to place attraction, retention and engagement at the heart of their business model.  Total Attraction is not a concept that can be managed piece meal.  It embraces all aspects of organisational culture.  It is about creating organisations in which participants are constantly enthused about the opportunities available.  It is about an aspirational environment to outsiders, cherished by internal talent.  It is about an organisation where work is not something people do for 8 hours a day – it is something that merges seamlessly with their day to day existence as conventional divides of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ are broken down,

Total Attraction consists of several components including:


A defined employer value proposition and employer brand

Mutual commitment

Engagement monitoring

Internal communication and celebration

Employee referral

Total reward management

A vibrant and well managed culture


Employer brand monitoring

Employer brand promotion

Positive communication with external talent

Maintaining the culture and attractiveness of your organisation is not a simple, one-shot process.  It is like assembling a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle when the pieces are in constant danger of drifting unless effectively monitored and maintained.

If your target is to create a positive, engaged and aspirational environment then Total Attraction should be your guide.

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